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Investing in fashion accessories

Every fashion house that has been or is on the wave of success can boast of something that sets it apart from a number of other brands. Someone calls it handwriting, someone a successful marketing ploy, however, each of these estimates is correct in its own way.


Traditionally, I consider style, fashion and shopping through the prism of successful investments in women’s wardrobe. I like to know that the thing I purchased will serve me for a long time, and maybe forever, and then my granddaughters and great-granddaughters will be able to wear it with delight and pleasure, becoming proud owners of an immortal vintage!

Therefore, I prefer to buy T-shirts-T-shirts-sweaters-shirts in high-quality and budget brands. But if we are talking about a tweed jacket or a dress with a zap, then I will go to the brand that “ate the dog” on such things and buy myself that very “thing forever”. pleasure, becoming proud owners of an immortal vintage!

The second reason why it makes sense to invest in characteristic designer items is their “chatteriness”. Any clothes can talk. And as an image psychologist and an expert in effective impression management, I know for sure that there are many life situations when the right clothes help you achieve your goals easily and simply. pleasure, becoming proud owners of an immortal vintage!

Speaking of things “out of time”, I want to emphasize once again that fashion is too changeable. And even if it comes back, it never comes back in its original form. Some details and cut always change. This is the law of the fashion jungle.