101 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The first collection

Despite the initial success, the company did not make large profits and could not expand its production, so their machines could only produce smooth fabrics. In order to diversify the type of clothing produced, this small family workshop began to produce materials, where the main emphasis was placed on multi-colored stripes of various widths.

Praising femininity, tenderness

Of course, even the plain knitwear of this brand is the height of perfection. But since we are talking about investments and iconic clothes, it is logical to purchase exclusively colorful things of this wonderful brand.

Fashion is too fickle

Celebrating femininity, tenderness, harmony and beauty, the maestro uses exquisite lace, draperies and frills, roses and bows in each of his collections. To create a feminine, luxurious and sophisticated image – this is what you need!